CEO, Charmaine Vincent, is awarded Business Person of the Year 2020/21 at the SME National Business Awards

What a whirlwind the last two weeks have been for our CEO, Charmaine Vincent. Not only was she awarded a silver medal for Businesswoman of the Year (medium) at the National Business Women’s Awards, she was then crowned Business Person of the Year at the SME National Business Awards!

A career defining moment, this win is significant, not only to Charmaine, but to all women in business fighting for gender equality and for their voices to be heard.

In the UK, only 32% of SME employers are majority-led by women and women only make up 27% of full-time senior officials. So, whilst gender bias and inequality may not exist within our business, in the wider business world we are unfortunately not progressive enough, we’re not talking enough, we’re not challenging enough and we’re certainly not celebrating enough. In the wider business world, a high proportion of women in leadership roles will have experienced gender bias, and we believe it’s time for change.

During such unprecedented times, we have been awarded with 4 different accolades. To have our achievements recognised, especially throughout such a turbulent year for so many, is such an incredible honour, and one that we are extremely proud of.

2020 award wins:

  • Best Recruitment Company to Work For – Recruiter Investing in Talent Awards
  • Entrepreneur of the Year – Business Leader Awards
  • Best Business Woman in Recruitment – Best Businesswoman Awards
  • Business Person of the Year – SME National Business Awards

Charmaine is a truly inspiring business leader. Having founded Baltimore Consulting 8 years ago, she has built a hugely successful business, delivering industry leading growth during this time and circa £13 million turnover in 2020.

She is passionate about maintaining a positive mindset and this certainly spreads throughout the entire business. Far too often we are led by fear and become our own Achilles heel. It’s easy to say that we don’t have time, but the reality is, if we turn our “should”, into a “must” and commit to doing something positive, limitations and barriers are removed, and anything is possible.

Charmaine Vincent says:

“I intentionally selected the category of “Business Person” as opposed to “Business Woman”. It was extremely important to me, that after nearly 9 years in business, my achievements were recognised alongside successful men and women and were equally defined by my results, innovation and leadership ability as opposed to my gender! To come out on top in this category is phenomenal.

Female led businesses are thankfully on the rise. The pandemic has seen record breaking start up numbers, changing representation to just shy of 32% in the UK.

Whilst my journey as a female entrepreneur and business owner has come with its fair share of challenges, it’s moments like this, that fill me with enormous pride to be known as a successful female leader, pushing boundaries and making a real difference.

⭐️Anything is possible if you want it enough

⭐️ We are ALL strong enough to break down the barriers

⭐️Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is an act of bravery

⭐️Authenticity is everything.”

At Baltimore Consulting, our mantra is “empowered to be authentic and achieve great things,” and this is something that shines through in all our employees.

This year alone, we have already been shortlisted for the Recruitment Agency of the Year (Small) award at the 2021 Recruiter Awards which will take place in September.

Our story is truly unique, and we are proud of that. It’s part of our DNA.


Lauren Cox

Marketing Manager