Advancing Menopause Policy in the Workplace

Last week, our CEO, Charmaine Vincent, and Head of Marketing, Lauren Cox, attended the IGPP’s CPD accredited Advancing Menopause Policy in the Workplace conference virtually!

They heard from the likes of Caroline Nokes MP from the Women and Equalities Committee and Dame Lesley Regan, the Women’s Health Ambassador for England, as well as a range of women’s health advocates across the UK.

The Advancing Menopause Policy in the Workplace conference addressed current policies and inequalities related to menopause in the workplace, and offered us an insight into developing a stronger workplace culture regarding menopause, looking at overcoming discrimination and implementing practical support.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explore the rise in the popularity of the topic, the importance of ending the taboo and the positive impact this has had on those directly affected
  • Assess the challenges of overcoming stigma, as well as the impact on productivity, inclusion and workplace stability
  • Empower organisations to take proactive and inclusive steps towards helping those going through menopausal changes
  • Hear best-practice case study experiences from organisations that have implemented successful menopause workplace practices
  • Investigate assumptions, misconceptions, and biases about menopause at work, and their impact on professional advancement across industries

As well as attending developing our policy and improving practises in house, our leadership team has been trained by Henpicked on Managing Menopause in the Workplace and are well equipped to signpost support to our entire workforce.


Lauren Cox

Head of Marketing