Baltimore Consulting join the Bristol Women in Business Charter

Bristol-based female entrepreneur, Charmaine Vincent of Baltimore Consulting, is committed to creating a gender equal Bristol, joining forces with the Bristol Women in Business Charter to become the 41st signatory in the scheme.

The Bristol Women in Business Charter is a long-term project, with the sole purpose of recognising and supporting businesses in and around Bristol that are making progress towards gender equality.

Their work accelerates the pace of change for the benefit of women, the businesses they work in and the communities they live in.

Like Charmaine, the Women in Business Charter’s belief is that businesses cannot reach their full potential if they fail to recruit and retain a gender-balanced workforce.

Charmaine Vincent’s Bristol-based recruitment business with a difference, Baltimore Consulting, boasts a 55:45 ratio of women and men; a statistic that is unheard of in the recruitment industry and something that she is incredibly proud of.

Charmaine Vincent, of Baltimore Consulting, is an award-winning businesswoman and entrepreneur that has fought her way to the very top, despite adversity through gender inequality. She worked her way up without the support of a university degree, having left school herself at the age of 16. She has empowered others that “anything is possible if you want it enough and hard work gets you everywhere”.

The business’s journey started because Charmaine was passionate to create her own success story. One that would show other women, and female entrepreneurs that they were, in-fact, enough. She wanted to inspire others to dream big and never stop believing in themselves. Charmaine’s experiences are like so many women in business, but thankfully she had passion in her belly and belief in her heart and was on a mission to make a difference to people’s lives; a mission she continues to fulfil today.

With more than 40 companies employing over 25,000 people signing up to the charter since its 2019 inception, the Bristol Women in Business Charter provides a community of signatories to learn from each other.

In order to maintain Baltimore Consulting’s signatory status, Charmaine must submit a progress report to share our achievements, annually.

Charmaine Vincent, CEO of Baltimore Consulting, states:

“Creating a gender equal world is something that is incredibly important to me; as a female entrepreneur and business owner, I have continually worked to ensure that opportunities are not only equal but are in abundance within Baltimore Consulting – everyone deserves someone fighting in their corner, regardless of their gender identity.This is why becoming a part of the Bristol Women in Business Charter community is such an exciting opportunity for myself and the business, and I’m eager to work with businesses in Bristol that are committed to creating gender equality in the city..”

Kristal McNamara, Bristol Women in Business Charter Director, states:

“We are thrilled that Baltimore Consulting has joined the charter as our 41st signatory! Charmaine is a fantastic role model and an inspiration, their work in “recruitment that makes a difference to people’s lives within the community” is very aligned to our values. We look forward to working with them and all our other signatories in our journey to make Bristol the first gender equal city.”


Lauren Cox

Head of Marketing