The Positivity Files: Top Tips From Louise Foster

We’re a week into the second Lockdown of 2020 and fortunately for us, positivity certainly is not lacking within our leadership team here at Baltimore Consulting.

What better way to celebrate World Kindness Day tomorrow than spreading that positivity far and wide? We’ve been working hard to create a positive space throughout these unprecedented times so what better time for us to promote kindness in all its forms!

Check out how our Head of Talent & Development, Louise Foster, maintains positivity through lockdown and beyond, both inside and outside of work:

Inside work, I try and maintain positivity by trying to find the fun and humour in any situation. I’ll always be the first to say ‘well done’ when things are going well, but my humour can be just awful, so even if things aren’t going to plan, I’ll always find a way of lightening the mood!

Failing that there’s always chocolate!

Out of work, I find positivity by trying to find a way of making people smile and feel happy.

I’m the person who will always put others first and that often leads to a positive situation or fun experience.

Every night, I write in a little book ‘the thing that made me smile today was…’ It makes me feel very blessed as I look back at the things that have made me feel positive this year. Some things are so simple like the cat coming to greet me when I get home!

Louise is our designated Mental Health First Aider and has recently attended an Adult MHFA Refresher course and is now up to date with her Mental Health First Aid skills.

She says:

“It’s hugely important to have a mental health first aider in our business. Not only does it tell our team we care about them, but hopefully it shows them how important they are to us.

The Mental Health First Aid England course has given us the skills and tools to best help them in any situation no matter how big or small.

We all know that Mental Health presents itself in so many forms and the more aware we can be about it, the more we have the skills to be able to help.  With home working becoming more of the norm, this potentially presents more challenges for some, so to be able spot warning signs remotely is even more beneficial.

With great internal signposting, openly talking frequently about mental health and personal wellbeing, we want to make sure every single member of our team knows where to go for help should they need it.”

With a second lockdown having been implemented in England, prioritising mental health has never been more important. Fortunately, we’ve always put a huge emphasis on our employees mental health and wellbeing – it’s part of our DNA. However, there is always room for improvement and we will continually seek to develop our wellbeing offering for our employees, throughout lockdown and beyond.

These are unprecedented times, there is no denying it, and many of us are struggling. If you’re struggling with the idea of working from home during another lockdown, check out our top tips here.


Lauren Cox

Marketing Manager