Vic Singh

Assistant Director of Sales & Customer Experience

Vic Singh

Who are you and what is your purpose?

I am the Acting Team Manager for Housing, Property and Regeneration, and I am responsible for overseeing the provision of Senior Housing, Property, Regen and Development professionals on an interim and permanent basis to Housing Associations, Local Authorities and the Third Sector nationwide.

What has been your greatest achievement (personal or professional)?

Like every doting father I would have to say my gorgeous 2-year-old girl!

What advice would you give other leaders out there?

Listen to your team, always be empathetic and explain the reasoning behind your decisions, as people respond well to logic.

Who inspires you? And why?

Nelson Mandela; he fought for equality and justness not only in his homeland but the world.

Favourite Food

It would have to be Nasi Lemak which is a Malaysian national dish! – Look it up.

What’s your leadership superpower?

I have empathetic understanding which has served me well so far.