Natasha Clarke

Non Executive Director

Natasha Clarke

Who are you and what is your purpose?

I am an experienced business leader and non-executive director. My purpose is to make a difference in everything I do. I try to make the most of every opportunity given to me and help others do the same.

What has been your greatest achievement (personal or professional)?

My greatest achievement is being a champion and pioneer for women in the recruitment industry, through establishing and chairing women in Recruitment for 10 years. Knowing the impact that had on the careers of so many women in the industry and that now we have the role models we needed so much is just incredible.

Personally, it has been surviving some great life challenges through channelling my energy into life changing activities – climbing Kilimanjaro being the most extreme! And through finding great friendships and meeting inspiring people through charitable work and activities. All the while, whilst finding the   energy to motivate others and continuing to grow though these times of challenge and adversity.

What advice would you give other leaders out there?

Know who you are and what makes you great, don’t ever compromise on that. Lead from the heart.

Who inspires you? And why?

Anyone and everyone that has a positive outlook on life inspire me. I’m also deeply inspired by those that confront adversity and overcome it.

Favourite Food

Anything someone else prepares for me!

What’s your leadership superpower?

My leadership superpower is my ability to maintain a growth mindset and recognise that I can learn from everyone I work with.