Josie Ward

Talent & Development Lead

Josie Ward

Who are you and what is your purpose?

I’m Josie and I’m the Talent and Development Lead here at Baltimore Consulting. I work with Louise Foster to hire into our recruitment teams and ensure that we’re attracting the best talent on the market. Part of my role is to train and develop others, with a direct focus on new starters, as well as the experienced recruitment team.

What has been your greatest achievement (personal or professional)?

My greatest achievement is being promoted in every role that I have worked since I was 17. I always strive to achieve better and be the best version of myself, whether that’s personally or professionally in the workplace. There is always room for improvement.

What advice would you give other leaders out there?

Firstly, be kinder to yourself, it’s okay not to be the finished article – that comes with time. Secondly, be open to feedback. Don’t be afraid to show vulnerability; being vulnerable doesn’t mean you’ve failed. If the feedback cuts deep, that means you’re growing.

Who inspires you? And why?

My mum, she has an excellent work ethic and has always worked hard to progress. She absolutely loves her job, which has shown me never to settle; it’s normal to enjoy the job that you do! But more than anything, she has the biggest heart and is the kindest person I know. I definitely get my passion and energy from her!

Favourite Food?

Curry, I love all things spicy!

What’s your leadership superpower?

My passion and energy; I care about other succeeding and like to invest in developing others. This passion inspires others to achieve greatness, both personally and professionally.