It’s 2022… Happy New You?

So, it’s 2022 – how on earth did that happen?

Over the past few days, I’ve found myself recapping on some huge milestones that have happened in the past two years.

Okay, so Covid has dominated the headlines and our lives, but amidst the chaos there have been some life changing moments, some huge goals achieved and some eureka moments around self-care.

I’m not a fan of New Year’s Eve, personally. I usually surround myself with friends, drink pink champagne and make it as fun as possible before the chimes go off and everyone sings auld lang syne at the top of their lungs. For as long as I can remember, when the clock strikes midnight, I become overwhelmed with emotion about loved ones lost and their inability to see in another new year, a fresh canvass if you like. This is normally followed by making some radical change in my life and setting multiple time barred New Year’s resolutions. Some for me, but normally centred around helping others and making big change.

This year was different. We had Covid lurking in our house (like many) and my daughter was in bed by 8pm. Myself and my husband were in bed by 10.30pm but I managed to stay awake until midnight and watched a live stream of fireworks in London on the TV. So, here’s the thing; this year I didn’t cry, not once. I just paused, took a deep breath, and lived firmly in the present. Being somewhat of an expert goal setter, I find that hard as I’m always looking ahead towards my next big goal. I then reflected and asked myself 3 important questions.


  1. Am I showing up as my authentic self 100% of the time?
  2. Am I happy with who I see in the mirror?
  3. Am I happy with my leadership, parenting and friendship contributions?

3 simple questions. No immediate resolutions, just thought-provoking questions that forced me to find the good. I’m a positive, optimistic person that always sees the glass half full, but equally understand there’s always room for improvement. Sometimes it’s not about changing the wheel, it’s about being consistent in the areas that make you shine. It’s those areas that provide you with real purpose and fulfilment that will then help you set compelling goals, that keep you inspired, even when times get tough.

So, I’ve set myself some compelling goals, some long lasting “commitment statements” even. They’re not New Year’s resolutions, there are no flash in the pan fads, no unobtainable goals. I’m just choosing to live my life above the line, with love, energy, accountability, responsibility, and ownership.


  1. Always be authentically me, with no apologies – I am enough.
  2. Finish writing my book at a pace that’s right for me, put no time limit on it – the content is more important that the time frame. Only write when feeling inspired.
  3. Love the successful, kind, caring, brave reflection in the mirror and be available for self-care without guilt – it’s essential.
  4. Keep reaching for the stars and continue to help others flourish – it’s what makes me shine and provides fulfilment.
  5. Never stop pushing the boundaries and stepping out of my comfort zone – great things always follow!

The holidays are over and our day jobs recommence. The question is, have you taken the time to press the pause button? Or was your break a whirlwind of wrapping paper, overeating, carelessly drinking and sadly very little self-care?

If so, I challenge you to find the time today to ask yourself those three questions and set yourself some compelling goals and commitment statements. My advice is, press the pause button whilst your canvas is blank. It will only get harder to find the empty space when life makes those bold paint strokes without purpose or direction.

Happy new day, new dreams, new desires, new commitments.

Happy new you 🙂


Charmaine Vincent

Owner & CEO