International Women’s Day 2024: Amy Kington

Amy Kington is an altruistic business leader who has been involved in using sport for social change in Bristol since 1998. She is passionate about improving the life chances of young people and creating opportunities so that they can fulfil their potential. Amy has previously served as a special police constable with A & S Police, a position that she held for 10 years. She has also worked for Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust, Bristol City Council, The FA and Bristol City Football Club. Whilst working in each of these organisations Amy’s work has been recognised through the achievement of national awards. In 2016 Amy cofounded Community of Purpose CIC to help improve the lives and futures of young people in the City through Bristolians and businesses who want to act as a force for good.   She developed a team that built a sustainable & innovative business model that adapted, innovated and envisioned the future. Together, they created economic opportunities and leveraged resources that brought millions of pounds into community, sport and educational development. Amy has completed an MBA at UWE where she has sat on the advisory board for the school of business and law. Amy is also a Business Fellow at UWE and a Learning Ambassador for the City.

  1. How did you get to where you are today in business?

I have been involved in using sport and education for social change in Bristol since 1998.  Every role I have undertaken is a by-product of my passion for improving the life chances of young people and creating opportunities so that they can fulfil their potential.

In 2016, I founded Community of Purpose CIC, with the aim of helping businesses to play their part in making Bristol a better place for young people. The organisation is now a thriving and respected organisation in the city, working with communities, business, local authority, and voluntary sector organisations to be a force for good.

The truth is – I never sit still! I believe that learning is a daily adventure that one should carry and explore throughout life!

  1. When did you first notice gender disparity and when do you think your first experience of inequity was?

Whilst working at The Football Association as the Regional Facilities and Investment Manager.  I worked with all 6 Counties in the South West Region, ensuring that investment went into schemes with the best development outcomes for the game.  I would often attend meetings and applicants wrongly assumed I was the note taker, coffee maker or supporter to my male colleagues. It was often funny to me, but embarrassing for the applicant, when they’d make a quip about ‘get the kettle on love’, only to realise that I was the most senior colleague and the key decision maker on whether an application would gain FA support to be put forward to panel. I appreciate that some folk reading this won’t find these situations funny, but I learnt pretty quickly that laughs could be had and lessons could be learnt.

  1. What advice do you wish you could give your younger self?

I don’t know if this qualifies as advice, but I wish I knew back then that the game of football would change beyond all recognition in my lifetime!

Woman are working at all levels of the game and it would have been amazing to have had a crystal ball and seen into the future that as a 16 year old girl attending her first FA coaching course, that one day I’d be the first female to lead a male academy at a professional football club.

  1. What has been your greatest achievement in business?

I’ve hosted Champions League Finals, been the first female Academy Director in the Country, but my greatest achievement has been finding my higher purpose and setting up an award winning and impactful social enterprise called Community of Purpose CIC. I have the privilege of working with some of the greatest Bristolians and businesses to help transform the lives and futures of young people in our great City.

  1. How can we inspire a younger generation of girls and young women to break through the glass ceiling?

By showing and leading the way – if you see you believe you can be it!


Lauren Cox

Head of Marketing