EDI: Baltimore Consulting assign neurodiversity champion

We are delighted to announce that we have assigned EDI Champions for both neurodiversity and the menopause here at Baltimore Consulting.

As an employer we celebrate differences and value the opinions of all our staff. We’re proud to say that we make decisions based on a unified voice through our internal EDI forum.

First up, we’re introducing our neurodiversity champion, Louis Jory. Having recently been diagnosed with ADHD, Louis has invested the time into extensive research on how businesses can improve their offering to better support those with neurodivergence.

By actively being a part of the NiB initiative and having a dedicated person to support employees with issues around neurodiversity, this further helps us to build a better workplace for Neurodivergent employees, access Neurodivergent talent and support Neurodivergent people to navigate independent, fulfilling careers.

As part of our forum, we will be assigning champions to each area of EDI, from disability through to sexual preference and beyond, providing a safe space and a friendly face for all of our employees, whether that be by signposting support, offering advice or by simply just being there.

Watch this space!


Lauren Cox

Marketing Manager