Award Writing: Top Tips

Over the last two years, CEO, Charmaine Vincent, has been appointed as a judge for the SME National Business Awards and National Business Women Awards.

Here, she shares her expertise on how best to complete award entries in the SME News and Views magazine:

Appoint the Most Creative Person to Write Your Award Application

Creativity and passion are everything, so it’s important that we play to our strengths. Really consider who should be putting your application together. Some business owners are fabulous at running a successful business but may struggle to articulate why they are award winning. Equally, your marketing manager may be great at their job, but lack those nuggets of inspiration and passion that only a driven business owner would have. Why not ask someone else internally to interview you first to highlight those core achievements? It could really make all the difference.

Pitch Your Business with Confidence & Pride

Remember, you know your business best, so be completely unapologetic about what makes you and your business so fantastic. We want all the bells and whistles. When a judge reads an application, they are looking for what makes you stand out, how you’ve made a difference and ultimately, what makes you award winning. It’s your time to shine, so give us the numbers, the facts, and the impactful stories. Write with genuine passion and use the word count provided.


Lauren Cox

Head of Marketing