Wave Goodbye To Self-Limiting Beliefs And Start Investing In You

Wouldn’t you agree, that there’s something very attractive about starting a new year with a clean slate and new goals?

I read a blog earlier this month, written by the fabulous leadership coach, Sally Powell, got me thinking about what it is that prevents individuals from believing that they can achieve

Astonishingly only 8% of people actually go on to achieve their new year goals, I find this particularly interesting as it naturally lends itself to the recruitment industry. We’re forever setting new targets and bigger goals with the intention of not only hitting them but over achieving. The question is, why do we sometimes fall short or in some cases give up completely at the first hurdle?

The answer is self-limiting beliefs.

Our own insecurities become our Achilles heel; negative things that people have said and you’ve held onto; fearing that they are true. These beliefs are usually limiting, negative and hinder our growth. In recruitment (and I’m sure many other industries), they manifest themselves in many forms, such as: I can’t do that, I must not, I don’t have time, other people think etc. The good news is that it’s possible to overcome limiting beliefs, which should result in “more positive outcomes”. That said, in my opinion, it’s even more imperative that employers have a strong leadership team in place to help employees recognise them in the first place. Sadly, when you look at these beliefs closely, none of them are actually true. Everything is the result of your past and you just didn’t acknowledge it.

So, for me, as someone that values people, dreams big and believes that anything is possible if you want it enough, this all comes back to empowerment.

I’d like to think that I empower my staff and encourage them to see the positive aspects both personally and professionally and try to help them tackle life with new confidence and understanding. Flexible working conditions, colleague support and encouragement can help reduce stress levels in the workplace. I’m not suggesting my staff don’t have limiting beliefs, because they absolutely do but I make it my mission to help employees identify them and celebrate progress. Sadly not every employer feels this way, Some employers don’t offer the time or the support to understand this, which can result in high turnover and many staff suffering in silence. This really needs addressing.

When I reflect on my career to date, I try to think back to the younger, inexperienced version of myself, working for a local newspaper back in 1999. Whilst I was massively insecure and lacked confidence in a number of personal areas in my life, at the core of me was passion, determination and the willingness to succeed. Some may have said I had a chip on my shoulder and that I wanted to show the world what I was capable of, but whatever your take on this, I know this consistent belief in myself has helped pave the way for me to become the successful business owner I am today, some 20 years on.

Failure was never an option for me and every day I strived to achieve more. The secret to success in my opinion is self-belief. I don’t mean on occasion giving yourself a pat on the back, I mean everyday, waking up ready to face the day knowing you’re able to make a difference. This world is filled with other’s that will happily put you down and question your ability and skills, so why an earth would you add yourself to that list? Professionally, I’ve never doubted myself and despite knock-backs, I’ve always kept going. My job now is to inspire others to believe.

Setbacks and failures are a part of life. Yet for some people, there’s a voice in their heads that reserves its most negative commentary for themselves. We’re human beings, we all do it on some level, but it can become a vicious cycle.

So, what’s the solution? There are so many things you can do to conquer self-limiting beliefs. One of which is to surround yourself with positive people that will help you see the wood through the trees and start to believe in what could be.

Tony Robbins, someone I’ve positively admired for a number of years, believes that successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers. I happen to agree.

For example, ask yourself the following:

  1. What is something I can do for someone else today?
  2. What is something I can do to add value to the world today?
  3. What is something that I can offer to other people?

Tony believes if you routinely ask these questions, you will begin to frame the way you experience the day completely differently. Rather than your mental and emotional state being the product of external forces, you will see how you can begin to shape the world around you. Rather than asking what you are getting from something or someone, you will start to ask yourself what value you can bring to the table. You will begin to approach different events and circumstances in a way that encourages problem-solving, contribution and growth. You will begin to see the gifts that you have to offer others and the positive impact you are able to make on the world around you.

I think the point being, these questions have the power to give you an entirely new perspective not just on your day, but on your life. You will begin to tell yourself new, empowering stories where the possibilities of what you can achieve are endless. In essence if you choose to stop being your own Achilles heel, if you choose to be the glass half full person, and if you commit to invest in yourself, the chances are, you will learn to believe anything is possible and achieve your full potential.


Charmaine Vincent

Owner & CEO