Karl Houlding

Divisional Manager – NHS

Karl Houlding

My specialisms:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Senior Nurse Leadership
  • Clinical Governance and assurance
  • Financial Turnaround
  • Commissioning
  • Service Redesign
  • HR/Workforce

Who are you and what is your purpose?

I am the Divisional Manager for Baltimore’s NHS Portfolio. My purpose is to support our NHS clients to enhance patient care across a Local, Regional and National footprint.

What has been your greatest achievement (personal or professional)?

My greatest achievement professionally has been to work with some of the UK’s most senior Health Care experts and changing the way we deliver care. This is been my greatest achievement as I have developed relationships, trust, credibility and rapport. This in turn has ensured that I am the go-to person for Interim and Consultative provisions across a number of CCGs and Acute/Community Trusts with a 5 year timeframe.

What advice would you give other leaders out there?

Ensure you have patience and understanding. Instead of looking at who is to blame, start to understand why something challenging has happened. It may not always be aligned to a person but more of an organisational process.

Who inspires you? And why?

My inspiration comes from my mother (as corny as it may sound). She has the ability to see the positive in everything and even when at the lowest point, she always thinks of everyone else.

Favourite Food

I am a man of simple tastes so nothing can beat a Sunday Roast.

What’s your leadership superpower?

I have the ability to take everyone by their own strengths and weaknesses. This allows me to differentiate how I can support them to become successful.